CSU Viticulture and Enology Outreach

The WCRC-OM station houses the Viticulture and Enology Outreach functions for the Colorado wine and grape industry. Viticulture and Enology Outreach is a major effort to disseminate research information, and to promote grape and wine industry Best Practices that result in high grape and wine quality and sustainable economics for the industry. Outreach is carried out, through a partnership among CSU, CWIDB, and CAVE, under the direction of Dr. Horst Caspari as the Colorado State Viticulturist and Dr. Stephen Menke as the Colorado State Enologist. Outreach functions include formal educational workshops, short courses, and educational meetings, as well as informal consultations with industry via site visits, phone, email, and written communications.
For outreach information, including a schedule for workshops, courses , meetings, , link to the WCRC website at http://www.colostate.edu/programs/wcrc