CSU Viticulture and Enology Research

The WCRC-OM station is the site of viticulture and enology research for CSU. Viticulture research is under the direction of Dr. Horst Caspari and Enology research is under the direction of Dr. Stephen Menke.
Enology basic research is focused on elucidation of wine sensory aromas, with an aim to specify elements of Colorado terroir. Practical research is focused on wine quality control evaluation systems and on blending of Ram’s Point Winery wines from both Vitis vinifera and hybrid Colorado grapes for creation of new market niches.
Viticulture basic research is focused on mechanisms of cold hardiness acclimation and de-acclimation. Practical research focuses on best practices for management of cold injury, cultivar trials, and sustainable vineyard economics.
For information on research publications and project possibilities, contact Dr. Stephen Menke or Dr. Horst Caspari at WCRC-OM 970-434-3264.