Ram’s Point Winery Wines

To purchase these wines:

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      2. Call (970) 434-3264 x201 (Judy), or email: info@ramspointwinery.com
      3. or visit these Fort Collins retail outlets
        • Crystal’s Liquors, 356 E Harmony Rd # 6C, Fort Collins     (970) 377-0202
        • C&C Liquors, 1501 West Elizabeth Street, Fort Collins      (970) 672-8136
        • Campus West Liquors, 1107 City Park Ave, Fort Collins     (970) 484-1107

  • Final-RamsWhiteBin Green and Gold Ram’s White

    This unoaked crisp and fruity white has an intensely ripe and spicy Chardonnay base, with added aged Cayuga white to tone down the fruit intensity, enhance mid-palate complexity, and help mouthfeel. Though the alcohol is high, the acidity/fruit balance and complex and forward fruit make it work well with fish, shellfish, chicken, and rabbit, especially when sipping before food bites and having a water cleanser afterwards.



    Bin Green and Gold Ram’s RedFinal-RamsRed

    This dark and fruity red takes advantage of the wide climatic range in Colorado. If is made from a base of Chambourcin and Cabernet franc, giving it intense red fruit notes and brightness to the taste. Minor amounts of Barbera, Touriga nacional, and Mourvedre lend some darker fruit notes and complexity to the nose and mouthfeel to the middle palate. Some spicy aromatics and flavors come with the higher alcohol.  A tiny touch of oak helps integrate the flavors. A good wine for pork, rabbit, chicken and pastas with red sauce.

    Rollicking Ram Red

    This dark and fruity red displays the climatic range of Colorado. The Chambourcin and Syrah base gives it RamsRedintense red fruit, acidity, and some smoky notes. Cabernet sauvignon, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, and Frontenac lend both red and dark fruit complexity to the nose and middle palate, and add some spicy and oak notes. Though high in alcohol, it has solid restrained tannins that smooth it out and give it enhanced mouthfeel and some length to the finish. Will stand up to grilled meats with some spiciness, but will also pair with red pastas and add interest to cheeses like manchego and gouda.