Viticulture and Enology Credit Courses

These courses are currently taught on the Ft. Collins campus during alternating fall sessions. It is proposed that these courses may be taught at the Ram’s Point Winery, located at the Western Colorado Research Center-Orchard Mesa-Orchard Mesa (WCRC-OM) in Grand Junction, CO. For qualifying students, HORT 477 is being taught at the Orchard Mesa location in Summer Session 2013, as well as the HORT 487 Internship for either viticulture or enology. Further sessions are under development.
Viticulture and Enology Courses to be potentially offered at WCRC-OM, in the future
HORT 277 Enology I
HORT 477 Enology II
HORT 452 Viticulture-Grape Production
HORT 462 Viticulture-Practices in Grape Production
HORT 487 Internship